The 7% solution that will save us from boring drone videos

Aerial video is an exhilarating opportunity. With video cameras mounted on drones, many of us can now capture footage from angles that would previously have required a helicopter or a dolly-mounted jib, and perhaps a film crew. How come then that most drone videos are so boring? Sure,

Why stream movies if you can get them delivered by drone?

We are in an expectation bubble right now when it comes to commercial use of drones: Use a drone in a marketing video and it is guaranteed to go viral. Amazon did it (14m views), the Lakemaid brewery did it (500k views) and now Netflix adds their fun take on a cargo cult future with o

Above the surf

Two amazing videos are making it around the internet. Both feature ocean, big waves and surfers. Both were captured from a drone. Both were made by somebody named Eric. Eric Sterman shot his video off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.   Eric Cheng shot his video at Santa Cruz, Californi

Climbing the Devil’s Needle – bring your drone

Take a national park outside Rio de Janairo, the Serra dos Orgãos, and take two skilled climbers, then add a drone with a video camera. The footage is truly stunning. The climbers Deyvisson Bastos S. and Marcelo Vieira ascend “The Devil’s Needle” and I’m in awe

Aerial photos and videos: Stitching, colour correcting, stabilizing

Russel Brown, long-time creative with Adobe, seems to have been bitten by the quadcopter bug. He has put together an impressive set of instructables in the shape of twenty narrated ‘Take Flight’ episodes showing different aspects of photo and video post processing workflow