A saunter through Amazon’s Drone Store

Earlier this week, Amazon, the online retailer, launched a “Drone Store“. It is another example of how drones are becoming mainstream consumer devices. The Amazon Drone Store features DJI and Parrot prominently on the main store page. The DJI section offers links to the fo

Emergency delivery of human organs for transplant?

When Amazon announced their ‘Prime Air’ plans to deliver packages in 30 minutes by using unmanned aerial vehicles it excited our inner gadget freaks that there was a possible future where we wouldn’t have to wait two days for a new mobile phone case. While commercial

The Financial Times’ thought experiment on how delivery drones could change the world

Amazon made quite the splash a few days ago when they announced that they have been experimenting with strapping packages to multicopter drones and have an ambition to use drones to reduce delivery times to 30 minutes at some point in the future. In an article today, the Financial Tim