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Aerial photos and videos: Stitching, colour correcting, stabilizing

Russel Brown, long-time creative with Adobe, seems to have been bitten by the quadcopter bug. He has put together an impressive set of instructables in the shape of twenty narrated ‘Take Flight’ episodes showing different aspects of photo and video post processing workflow in Adobe’s tools. Each episode is pretty comprehensive and only marginally depends on previous lessons. So if you need to gen up on the process to create a panoram
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The Financial Times’ thought experiment on how delivery drones could change the world

Amazon made quite the splash a few days ago when they announced that they have been experimenting with strapping packages to multicopter drones and have an ambition to use drones to reduce delivery times to 30 minutes at some point in the future. In an article today, the Financial Times says that this particular vision of the future is never going to happen – based on the trend that the future always turns out different. Sometimes profoundly so,
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Why I bought a quadcopter drone

I bought a quadcopter drone so I could learn more about an interesting and possibly disruptive technology that is only in its infancy. More specifically: To acquaint myself with how easy a 2013 model quadcopter is to fly. To elevate my other hobby, photography, by taking photos from new perspectives. To get insight into the culture of modding, tinkering and making. Some build their aircraft from the bottom up, others buy a consumer device and add modi
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