Getting started

If you are “quad curious” and are considering getting into aerial imaging or flying drones for fun, there is an excellent guide on Skypixel compiled by Eric Cheng.

You can also check out Chris Anderson’s Newbie guide to UAVs on DIYdrones.

If you own one of the DJI Phantom quadcopters, there is an active forum at Phantom Pilots.

Besides the kit, other aspects of getting started are:

  • Operate your aircraft in a safe way. Keep limbs away from the propellers.
  • Be vigilant with kids. Explain that they need to keep their distance and not touch the craft until you tell them it’s safe.
  • Always be aware of your battery level during flight.
  • Don’t fly above crowds. Don’t fly near metal structures that may upset your craft’s compass.
  • Find out what the regulations are in your area and adhere to them.
  • Have fun! And share your photos, videos and tips & tricks with a growing community of enthusiasts.