DJI Mavic Pro gets an upgrade

DJI, a Shenzhen based major manufacturer of cameradrones, announced the Mavic Pro Platinum quadcopter this week. Priced $100 above the Mavic Pro, the Platinum features new ESCs and new propellers. Oh, and the colour of the Mavic Pro Platinum is slightly different. The combination of n

DJI sets out to design a new aircraft with input from existing drone owners

What would be the ideal drone for you and what would you want to do with it? Hong Kong-based drone design company DJI wants to know, and they are reaching out to existing DJI drone owners for input. The questions they ask give us a hint as to what DJI is considering. This is a smart m

Comparison of 3D Robotics’ multicopters

3D Robotics is a designer and manufacturer of drones for commercial and recreational use. The company is headquartered in Berkeley, California. Its engineering team is in San Diego with manufacturing happening in Tijuana just across the border in Mexico. Their marketing team operates

New from DJI: The Inspire 1 quadcopter

After weeks of building up anticipation via cryptic tweets and the occasional leaks to gadget blogs, Hong Kong-based DJI launched a new quadcopter model, the Inspire 1. A sign of how drones are becoming mainstream is that DJI staged, and live-streamed, a US launch. They had the Mythbu

A saunter through Amazon’s Drone Store

Earlier this week, Amazon, the online retailer, launched a “Drone Store“. It is another example of how drones are becoming mainstream consumer devices. The Amazon Drone Store features DJI and Parrot prominently on the main store page. The DJI section offers links to the fo

Amateur 3D mapping by drone

Before my GoPro camera arrived, I did a little experiment with my Y6 hexacopter from 3D Robotics: I repurposed a pocket camera for aerial images, set the drone to fly in a survey pattern over a limited area and processed the resulting photos using a free cloud app. As a result, I was

Travel with your cameradrone, shoot a film

London-based filmmaker Philip Bloom recently published a dreamy, captivating five minute film shot on the Thai island of Koh Yao Noi. He then wrote a piece about every aspect of the production: Packing for the trip, gear details, engaging the local kids, safe flying, post production.

3D Robotics limits exports in an ‘abundance of caution’

3D Robotics, a drone manufacturing company based in California and Mexico, is sending emails to its international customers that they won’t be fulfilling orders outside of the US and Canada. Vu Tran, Director of Support, posted to a thread in the 3D Robotics forum on Tuesday: &#

An in-app reminder of geopolitics

Utter the word ‘drone’ and some may immediately think of geopolitics and extrajudicial reach. There are other ways the two topics are connected. The smartphone app that comes with a DJI Phantom has a nifty feature that allows you to see a map of where you have flown and th

Updated comparison of “the phantoms” from DJI, including the Phantom 2 Vision+

DJI Innovations, based in Hong Kong, started shipping the newest addition to their Phantom line of quadcopter drones this month. The new model is the most advanced yet. The Phantom 2 Vision+ (note the plus) builds on the Phantom 2 Vision from November 2013, adding a 3-axis gimbal to a

Smaller and smaller personal drones

On the DIY Drones blog I spotted a description of the Pocket Drone, a project currently up for funding on Kickstarter. At the time of this post, the project has received pledges for more than 70% of their relatively modest $35k goal. The world of personal drones may look quite differe

Mac support for DJI Phantom 2 Vision but no DNG format capture yet

DJI released a Mac version of the Assist software that is used for adjusting settings for the Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter and upgrading firmware. Previously, Mac users had to run the Windows-only software in a virtual machine (I used Oracle’s Virtualbox with a temporary Windows

Comparing the DJI Phantoms

As previously announced, Hong-Kong based DJI expanded their Phantom series of quadcopter drones this month. New to the line-up are the Phantom 2 and the Phantom FC40. The Phantom 2 Vision only started shipping in November so a lot is happening in DJI’s consumer offerings. I thou