A view of the drone market ecosystem

Chris McCann from Greylock Partners, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, has taken a closer look at the drone market ecosystem and produced a handy map. Drone Market Ecosystem map ItĀ illustrates how the application that is capturing the public’s imagination the most, package

Geofencing and the ongoing effort to protect us from stupidity

Tesla uses geofencing to adjust the car’s suspensionĀ to suit driving conditions. Square uses geofencing to simplify use of their digital wallet. Via GPS technology, clever use of knowledge of time and place can add a touch of magic to the products and services we use. Conversely

Programmable drones make an appearance in Khan Academy

We are huge fans of Khan Academy in our family. And drones, of course. So it was delightful to see a reference to autonomous drones in a vector problem. Even more so because my son’s name is Lucas. To me, this is yet another example of how drones are becoming part of the general