Mac support for DJI Phantom 2 Vision but no DNG format capture yet

DJI released a Mac version of the Assist software that is used for adjusting settings for the Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter and upgrading firmware. Previously, Mac users had to run the Windows-only software in a virtual machine (I used Oracle’s Virtualbox with a temporary Windows license from modern.IE).

My experience with installing the software is that Mac OS Maverick 10.9.1 refused to run the application because the app is not signed. To allow the app to run I had to relax my Mac’s security settings by checking Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere.

For Mac owners, the new software gets the Phantom closer to the marketing statements about being able to fly the craft “out of the box”, at least without having to fiddle with USB device filter settings for virtual machines.

On Windows, two apps are needed to manage the Phantom 2 Vision: A separate app is provided to manage and update the transmitter. It seems this component is not available for Mac yet. With the new Mac app, DJI should take the opportunity to roll the two apps into one.

DJI previously set expectations that an update to the camera software would be made available this month (December 2013) allowing the camera to store RAW photos directly in Adobe’s DNG format but I haven’t seen any updates made available to this effect yet and today is the last day of the year so it looks like we may have to wait a while yet. Presently, the Phantom 2 Vision camera does support capturing photos simultaneously to JPG and RAW but to my knowledge the RAW format is not supported by any mainstream tools yet, and DJI haven’t made tools available to process the RAW files from the proprietary FC200 camera mounted on the Phantom 2 Vision. I am looking forward to the RAW/DNG capture capability because it appears the FC200’s JPG images are heavily compressed, so I am keen to explore what its optical limits are.

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  1. Spencer L Reply

    Thanks, Lars. This helped me figure out how get the DJI Phantom 2 Software to load on my Mac – OSX Maverick (10.9.1).
    Maverick tighter security settings which don’t allow software from unidentified developers to load.
    Here are step-by-step directions:
    1) Download the software from DJI
    2) Move the software to your applications folder per the directions.
    3) Attempt to run the software. [This helps later.] You will receive an error message. Click “OK”
    4) Go to System Preferences (from under the Apple menu)
    5) Click on “Security and Privacy”
    6) Below “Allow apps loaded from:”, a message will ask if you want to allow Phantom by DJI.
    Click “Allow”
    7) Return to the applications menu and run the program.

    This helps keep the computer secure by not allowing all applications to run from other developers.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Lars Plougmann Reply

    Thanks Spencer, the approach you outline is indeed a more secure option.

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